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Sunday, October 07, 2007

the dare

the package was tossed over the fence. it was unexpected. no note. just a bag of bugles inside a plain brown box. instantly i knew the dare was on to re-create the childhood gross-out dish that was invented with my cousin. my friend jamie had been told about it and showed a keen interest in the concept. she sent the seemingly banal package. being pregnant, it was an apt dare to take on. as promised, here it is: bugle chips filled with squeeze cheese, topped off with a peanut m&m.


jennifer said...


i wish i could have seen this in person.

Jamie Welsh said...

Thank you!!

missmobtown said...

k8 munching a bugle is now my desktop wallpaper.

Anonymous said...

Parent who eat bugles have children who eat bugles:


kate said...

mj, was that you who left the fun bugle-eating-baby photo? dude, it's been a longtime. have lost all of the old nf personal email addresses due to a poorly executed reboot. i thought jellybeansdonteatpeople sounded familiar. -kf

Jenny said...

Dude, what was it with us and that squirt cheese? Even the name "squirt cheese" /"easy cheese" sounds so gross. I think you were also in on the easy cheese and jellybeans taste test in Hilton Head as well, no?
Next dare...easy cheese and funyuns!