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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Bioluminescent Photograms

heredity of miscommunication, foxfire
Bioluminescent Organism Photogram / Unique Chromogenic Print, ©Kate Farrall 2012

Photograms of Bioluminescent Organisms.
Creatures from the deep and things in the dark, they’re speaking. I’m listening, to the code, to decipher the chatter. When my mappings don’t work, I realize it’s a heredity of mis-communication and chance. I need to listen more.
Made in an analog fashion by photographically recording the emitted bioluminescent light from living organisms including fish from the deep, sea algae, fire flies and foxfire fungi onto color photo paper, I record to decode the exchange through the resulting photogram.
These works are about communication, mis-communication and heredity; revealing another way of looking at the organisms and myself through photograms, a vintage photographic method for capturing marks of light on photographic paper or film without the use of an enlarger or negatives.

More of my bioluminescent photograms may be found here. :)

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