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Monday, April 06, 2009

slow food in my lawn

chive and lettuce


arugula flowers


fava bean flowers

fava beans

radish going to seed

rainbow pink chard

sage blooms

i just saw this 60 minutes clip on alice waters (via designsponge's guest blog) and it really made me want to go to chez panisse in berkeley. since that's a little bit of a hike, my yard will have to do. so, i'm posting pics of my edible garden. it's that time of year where tomato plants will soon be replacing chard and fava beans but but it's been a fun second winter garden. an upshot of the mild winter here is that certain plants survived without issue. the sage actually is blooming! —something i've never seen. the arugula is blooming too and i'd plant it again just to see those sweet spring flowers. anyhow, go eat something good. i've got some fava beans to harvest!

as a side note... fava beans were the only bean eaten in europe until the discovery of the new world and all of its legumes. crazy, right?


missmobtown said...

You're back. Excellent.

missmobtown said...

Also, I've never eaten at Chez Panisse. Next time you're in town, let's make a date.

kate said...

I'm in!

jennifer said...

ooh, i'm so envious. fava beans! and everything else. just finally catching up on all your posts, and love all the new images and the way you are combining things. love the new banner too!