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Friday, February 15, 2008

it's a small world

...with tiny buildings. Yesterday I was checking out the threepotatofour blog and saw her post on unique tiny buildings made from business cards and other paper by Sharon and her late husband. It started as a way to make buildings to decorate for the holidays and each year the collection would grow. They used materials that represented places they had been or their everyday life. Sharon has continued this practice even though her children are full grown and her husband has passed. With her new buildings, she seems to really be focusing on connecting the paper goods as a vessel for remembering a special place or event.

To my surprise, she created a Boordy Vineyards barn out of a wedding invitation. This was fun to see since I worked at Bordy for about 5 years through college, doing everything from picking grapes to wine tastings and tours. It was quite the joy to see how small of a world it is bumping into Boordy, at least on the www.

I thought this would be another great project that would give reason for holding onto those well designed papers from fun places or holiday cards instead of them just eventually being tossed in the recycle bin. ...I've got a lot of baby cards that it might be fun to use in creating tiny buildings. hmmmm.

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jennifer said...

sweet! i can't wait for march 3...