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Thursday, January 31, 2008

District B13

AKA: Banlieue 13
Here's one that's just fun to watch for the stunts. Lots of wall climbing that must have been inspired by Spider Man. According to the IMDB the lead actor, David Belle, is the inventor of a discipline known as Parkour, which consists of moving quickly and efficiently in any environment, using only the abilities of the human body.

If you've seen Casino Royal, you'll notice where they got some of the stunts from (e.g.: transom and car stunts). I liked this critic's description:

Wesley Morris, Boston Globe
"Like its stunt work, the movie is both ridiculously hyperactive and a muscular feat of absolute confidence. I don't expect to have a more adrenalizing time at the movies this summer."

If you haven't seen it, it's worth the rental for sure.

Sister arrives from back east in a few hours --looking forward to her visit.

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jennifer said...

david bell is amazing. between naps you should look at this:


have fun with your sister!

i want to call all the time, but am always afraid of interrupting--we're both thinking of you all a lot!