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Monday, August 27, 2007

[SMALL] books

recently i participated in an interesting project called [SMALL] books that was devised by hoping for happy accidents.

it was a swap project where you were partnered up by kelly over at hoping for happy accidents, and asked to send three books that you may have made, or not, to your partner. i was lucky enough to be partnered with my good friend jennifer fiore. check out all of the results of this swap by going to the flickr site here. if you sign in, you can see more images than what you can if you're not signed in, including more of both what jen and i sent each other.

above are images of the amazing books jen sent me. thank you jen for going full tilt on this project and sending such thoughtful and beautiful books!

official swap instructions were:
"exchanging obscure, curious, unique, slightly crazy, handmade, artist-made, small press, limited edition, limited run...
...books, zines, tracts, magazines, newspapers."

thanks to hoping for happy accidents for putting this project out there!

below is an image from the thread sketch book i sent jen.


jennifer said...

you're so good!

i have to do this too...

(and we have to come up with rules for the next swap asap!)

missmobtown said...

this is great. your tiny prints remind me of mercedes t.

Jamie Welsh said...

I am fascinated by this project! What a wonderful opportunity. I can only imagine the how the flames of creativity were fanned! I love the thread sketches Kate. Just beautiful.

Barry John Scott said...

Dear Kate,

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Barry John Scott