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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


i just added a few new links just over there to the right>>>>>
yup, those are the ones. surf-o-rama to your heart's delight.
here's the scoop on each....
  • transitory - jen fiore: great images both in words & visuals
  • PineappleLuv - jamie welsh: i love her great images and unsinkable attitude
  • design sponge - goodness, gracious, so many darn fun things too look at and the blog has a lot to offer
  • red.house - art, furniture, design; a swedish designer in america
  • karin eriksson - more fun things to look at; another swedish designer but with a different approach


missmobtown said...

I love design sponge and am totally addicted to the semi-related apartment therapy.

Jamie Welsh said...

Hey, thank you Kate!