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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Paul K eats and SFMOMA shows….

So the other weekend we got to spend some hang time with friends in San Francisco. We took in the shows at SFMOMA starting with The Surreal Calder and Beyond Real: Surrealist Photography and Sculpture and ending with the Between Art and Life: Contemporary Painting and Sculpture (great stuff) on the top floor. I really appreciated seeing the variety of images both more historical and more current in the Surrealism show as it fully exemplified the long lasting impact of the Surrealism movement.

One of my favorites at the museum was Steve McQueen’s drumroll —an oil barrel fitted with three cameras rolling down the streets of NYC. You get to see all three cameras’ view point rolling at the same time. Engaging to watch as you try to figure out what is going on. Each time you see it, you begin to see or hear other clues to the piece’s origin. This is great in a medium (film/video) that all too often is staged or orchestrated and that serves it up (the message/story) on a sliver platter.

All of art viewing was lots of fun but brought us to near starvation as we closed the museum. So to satiate our need for fuel, we went to Paul K to eat. Mmmmmm, good stuff. Duck –best any of the four of us had ever eaten. Lamb –best at the table.

It had this smoke/grilled flavor that was so good and the moussaka that came with it was a delight. Appetizers –Baby beets and scallop dishes were both fabou. Go there, eat, you will be happy.

While we waited for our table we visited Inside, a furniture & design store just next door. Lots of great modern furniture and art, and the upside is that we may have finally found a fabric to cover our 1950s sofa and chair!! Yahoo!

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